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Going “Zero waste”

I’ve always had an interest in dabbling in the Zero waste lifestyle, the thing is I’ve also always liked “stuff”.

last year the child’s 1 room school got their 4th principal in 5 years….. Change is good, kids are good at it. this lovey local lady (we expect this one will actually hang around for a while) started teaching the children about reducing waste, she’d do a random lunchbox audit making competition of who would have the least amount of rubbish in their lunchbox

Result ……. school is almost zero waste, mostly driven by the children not wanting to be the one with the most rubbish in their lunch box…….

the child recently was disappointed that we only had packaged muesli bars to take for recess

So my interest in leaning towards Zero waste is peaked again, I own 4 keep cups, which I wash and put into my car…. except the weeks I don’t, which upsets my barista’s rhythm of steaming my milk and making the coffee as he sees my car arrive


I took the child on a low waste shopping mission on the weekend, our local grower market has moved to a much more accessible location at a time when they were about to shut down, so I figured we should support them. the child needed a hair cut, and I’d learned that there was a bulk good shop in the newest nearby shopping centre

so while we were waiting our turn at the hair dresser (i’m a tight arse we go to just cuts, there is no appointment option) we found the bulk foods ……… I could have spent hours just looking. instead I grabbed some apricot bars, a bag of trail mix a bag of raw sugar and a small water bottle of sparkling water rather than a bottle of kombucha because kombucha is not on my plan.

on “the way home” we went to the growers market and picked out some veggies sadly there was only 1 veggie stand and 1 stand selling bags of oranges I guess it’s a start, I think next time I will probably go to the bigger fortnightly market in the showground, since mum always raves about it I could handle doing our groceries once a fortnight bulk foods followed by growers market or vice versa

one thing that I am struggling with is the drive to use glass storage, I’m torn because we have everything in plastic, if we change to glass….. won’t that be creating waste?

I am gradually changing over my lunch containers as the old one break down, mostly because we don’t have a microwave so I need oven proof containers but storage…. if I were starting out fresh right now, I’d go jars….. but I’m not, I actually don’t understand the drive to change everything over. as long as I’m not buying more plastic and I’m reducing what I throw away, why do I need to get rid of what I have which fits into my space?



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