By beebeejaybee

Soap…… fail

it’s been a while since I last made soap, our supplies are getting low, time to put another batch to bed

this time it is goats milk soap,

sadly I think I mixed the oils and the lye way too hot

some of the oil was not incorporated but the mix was already a lot thicker than I needed

I poured it into the mold best I could and put it to bed for a few days with fingers crossed the process would still work

Sadly as I lifted the foil there were still pools of oil on top….. and the foil which usually shows some heat discolouration hadn’t been hot

I froze the soap hoping for the best

it didn’t turn out well

I wasn’t keen on using this stuff because it didn’t seem right so I looked up how to fix it

everything points to cook it,

we found a quick simple tutorial on youtube…… my god! people! if your video says tutorial for XYZ I don’t want to hear about your plans for your great aunts sisters wedding unless it’s a tutorial on planning your great aunts sisters wedding, just get to the point

sorry I don’t do meandering tutorials

Chop chop chop into the crockpot for 2ish hours stirring every so often then straight into my loaf moulds

it’s not going to be as pretty but at least I’m confident it’s useable without causing burns or anything nasty

I’m inspired to try some new things, this is the third kit batch, but I’ve been looking into 100% coconut oil soap….. and any other concoction that uses just the oils I have around the house (coconut, olive, rice bran) so I don’t have to wait for particular ingredients to arrive


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