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On Bullet Journals and going back to work

yep. it’s that time of year again,

Time to go back to work after taking time off to be with fluffyhead for Summer holidays

Part of going back to work involves planning.A Lovely lady in my weight loss group suggested Bullet journalling.

now a quick search of the internet and especially Pintrest will show you a vast array of beautiful creative layouts, masses of trackers and pages for anything. at least one of my beautifully creative friends uses this method and does some beautiful things with it

and so I was convinced that this was a time consuming thing that required a heap of supplies to do properly

I immediately mentioned the complexity of the whole thing and why I’d shied away, and was assured that it didn’t need to be that complex if you follow the basic instructions at so I figured I can get a notebook and a pen from work to try it out

I gave myself  6 months, and as a person who doesn’t have a heap to do until it needs doing it seems to be a decent system

so a really minimalist purely functional example of bullet journaling for those who are lost in a sea of doodles, fancy trackers and lists and have yet to see how this can help with organisation and planning

“Title” Page, this is just a simple Belinda owns this book here’s how to return it type thing I should probably add an emergency contact in there too …. meh
“Index” speaks for itself really though I think on future pages I will put the item and then the page number/s because I run out of space if I have to skip pages here and there
“Future Log” a basic grouping of things that are to happen in future months which are obviously not in the book yet
“Monthly Log” a simple list of dates and days with appointments or whatever next to them, my book doesn’t have 30 lines per page  so I use the rest of the page for notes and tasks that don’t have a specific date attached yet
“Weekly Log” I’m trying this out for the first time this week, I found I missed being able to plan a week in detail as the monthly page doesn’t have room for all of the things which can be scheduled in a day ahead of time
“Daily Log” Just the basic rapid logging method nothing special
Key as of 2018, I was using the basic symbols . – > < o, and found myself forgetting what they mean and I had no way of keeping track of tasks started but not completed if it isn’t working for me I’ll try another method

so as you can see very simple keeping track of what needs doing and when, pages with lines I just draw a line across the page, it takes maybe a minute to set up a weekly log and maybe 2 minutes for a monthly, because more writing

this is purely function, as much as many people do some beautiful work and track all of the things create elaborate plans for how they will set this years bullet journal up and what they will track. I really don’t have the brainspace, time or interest in doing that …. and well you can see my handwriting hasn’t changed much since I was 8 so lettering isn’t my strong suit

I do have a page for tracking my measurements but it is a simple list of body parts with a number next to them

I may later this month put together a rough morning and evening routine

seriously an organised life doesn’t have to be complicated


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