By beebeejaybee

12th Blogtober: help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up

Last night as I was running through some flexibility and strength drills I decided to try a new method for jumping through to L sit it’s supposed to be something like this

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♡ #FirstCompressions ♡ ~ D A Y 9 ~ L – S I T P A S S T H R O U G H ~ I don't even know where to begin with this day 😂I hate it, I hate it, I hate it! 😤 I know I'm not known for my Zen-like, om-tastic, graceful, enlightened vids but this vid pretty much sums up how most of my practice ends 😂 With me throwing a wobbly (and it started so promising 😂) And before I get any 'practice and all is coming' comments, I do f'ing practice and it's not f'ing coming!! 😤 😜 ~ Day 9 is supposed to be a straight leg pass through to L-Sit I tried with blocks, straps, fingertips, straddle and even all of the above and I found miniscule success with strap and fingertips. Blocks on their side helped too. In the end I just jumped through and called it a day throwing my blocks in a tantrum. 😅 ~ ~ I would love to give you tips for today but sadly you may have to come to me in another decade or so 😂 But I did find fingertips and hands facing backwards mildly easier🤔 That's it, that's all I got folks 😂 I have no clue why I'm even hosting this challenge it's ways out of my league 🤣 ♡Wait till you see my superhuman co hosts rock their posts they will blow you away! Please do check them for today's tips and just scroll past mine 😂 Hosts : ♡ @alli_roush ♡ @jadebellyyoga ♡ @pinkchampagne13 ♡ @stretchylexi Sponsors: ☆ @infinitystrap ☆ @onzie ☆ @handfulbra P.s. my whole vid was over 16 mins long and there were many many bloopers including a bruised butt along with a very bruised ego 😂 Trying to capture the essence of my practice within 1 min can be tricky, but I guess this covers it 😂 Good luck out there and don't be afraid to share any bloopers you may have😍 Oh and im not gone completely crazy talking go myself, my son kept asking me what I was supposed to be doing and trying to explain an l sit pass through to an 11 yr old is a whole other level of craziness 😂

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instead I found myself stuck on my side, at an awkward angle, too tired from the previous 40minutes of drills to push myself up and propped on pillows so couldn’t roll over

the fluffy head and I had a good laugh and I had another go before deciding to call it quits for the night

you have to laugh otherwise you’d cry 😂😂😂😂😂


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