By beebeejaybee

8th blogtober: Adulting is hard

I pulled myself out of bed at 4 this morning hoping for a couple of hours of peace, a coffee and time to plan my week

a nice hot shower, my warm fluffy robe on ready to get my coffee happening.

and then a small voice came out of the darkness…….

“mummy……. I vomited”


small thing…… ai don’t do vomit, I am a sympathetic vomiter so you can imagine the fun today is going to be

I thought she just meant a little bit…. by no it’s more than a little

when I raised my small thing with her whilst trying to clean her up and hold back a gag and a choke her response was pure gold

“go get daddy”

sigh….. daddy was dressed for work and packing his lunch

so today will be washing airing and cleaning I guess, we had a party lined up tooo 😞

I think I might go back to bed and pretend it didn’t happen for a little longer


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