By beebeejaybee

5th Blogtober: Closed

Recently we celebrated our anniversary

fluffy head was at camp so the night was ours….. except that I have to be up at 3am to get to work

After some discussion we decided to do chinese at home

so after gym I headed to the chinese restaurant to order take away….. the food rating website I looked at said open 11am to 9 pm

so confident I trotted up the stairs of the small local shopping centre

the place was dark and the sign said closed….. bugger there goes that idea, it was 4:30 and chances were high of a 5 pm opening

I wasn’t prepared for a wait and I’d already been to the gym, could have done another half hour

so I called home with the change of plans

“try that pizza place”

hmm pizza was on the meal plan for the next day, not such a good option besides their sign wasn’t out as I went past

so into woollies hoping for a quick easy fancy make at home meal

we ended up with pasta with sauce and had a nice evening with a little too much bubbly


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