By beebeejaybee

1st Blogtober: A Fresh Start

And What better time for it, because… it’s Blogtober! or at least I’m playing along with Rachel of the barefootcrafter who incidentally created the lovely image below


if you have been following me at some stage over the last 10 (yes 10) years you will notice that quite a bit of content has disappeared.

and you will also know I had a habit of using this space as a dumping ground for my negative thoughts, which lead to me just avoiding coming back….. so mass delete saving some of the better bits from the past (because OMG the fluffy head was sooooo small before she grew hair)

So here we are fresh and mostly new, my aim is to take my blog way back to 2006 when I started it as a record of my Weight Watchers journey, which ended with the decision to bring the fluffy head into our lives. I did in that stage lose around 13kg of 15 I was aiming for. now my goals are a little less direct. I found myself laying in bed struggling to breathe. I now have 15kg to get back to that 2006 weight ….. and I’ve already lost over 10 following weight watchers again. but I found the counting didn’t work for me because the foods I eat are never listed (random cuts of meat certain types of cheese etc.) so I did the only sane thing and found a new program, from a podcast I’ve been listening to, took up the free course at Phit-n-Phat  which is basically all about planning and preparing….. so far nothing amazingly new or scary except this lady doesn’t fluff around which I find refreshing after so much “find your why for motivation” etc Corrine pushes to do a little thing first and motivation will come for the big

So starting to head back to health and fitness and a little less craft but you will see that craft is still a part of my life  though not as big as it was or I would like it to be because priorities.



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