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Is that really the date?

so Umm apparently it’s almost october. we’re in a dry spell with a 3 week wait for water delivery. it’s high fire danger and 35°C outside during the day, it’s only 8 or 9 at night…. Am I living in a desert? nope Just the driest country in the world 🤔 maybe …. meh, anyway Stuff has been happening

we updated our bathroom

we still need to settle on towels, thinking black monogrammed in white

it’s sad to see the TARDIS go but it’s nice to have a fancy grownup bathroom

part of not having a bathroom for a period of time has lead to the discovery that soap is in reality the only product we need, them with their curly hair and me with the fluffy straw that I attempt to tame every now and then have benefited from just using the same stuff we use on our bodies on our heads, sure i’m a bit oily but not struggling with fluffy as much providing I brush twice a day which incidentally reduces the previous need for conditioner

so my soap making is about to be ramped up, I want to try a beer based soap, Jeff has kindly donated a bottle which failed to carbonate but first I have a goats milk kit I want to put to the test

Me I’m trundling along trying to ignore the feeling I’m wasting my life with too much work and no holidays

I found a new weight loss guru I’m considering taking her course, but it requires membership to facebook….. I may have recently changed ISPs which means my old Facebook address or at least the one I left with no longer exists I’m considering making myself Unsearchable just to join this group 🤔 or just reactivating and removing all of the friends before they know i’m back then again making myself unsearchable …… I’ll probably just stew on it for too long and decided to stick with just listening to the podcast and following the blog and finding my own path

for now It’s well past my bedtime and I have big plans for tomorrow


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