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In the past few months I’ve been looking into ways of living healthier, sure my stress level is through the roof and my weight loss has ground to a halt but I need to learn better ways of living 

We live on tank water with our own bacteria driven waste management system, I have become frustrated with the number of things we can’t buy lest we kill the little bacteria in our waste tank. basically anything that claims to be antibacterial is setting off alarm bells if it goes down to drain. and has for a long time.

Now we aren’t exactly the type of people to be concerned with a few microbes here and there, to me if it’s visually clean it is clean. 

anyway I’ve started looking into making my own cleaners, which as some of us know from flylady Soap is soap is soap

first up laundry liquid, I can’t remember why we prefer liquids it may just be that they are labeled bio cycle friendly or are on some list someplace 

found a simple recipe, washing soda and soap, add water and cook until liquid/gel forms….. it works, I have been alternating with OMO to see if there is a difference….. only the scent is different, perhaps one day I’ll make it with my own soap instead of sunlight soap 

then an article in the local newsletter (if you live in a small enough community apparently it’s a thing to have a local newsletter) sparked an interest in soap making…. now the article talked about making soap without Lye because kiddos and caustic soda don’t mix, I looked up Lye free soap and discovered that it was a mostly premade add your own flavours melt and pour product 

I found an aussie shop that sold most of the ingredients (funnily enough Lye can’t be posted and olive oil is easy to get )

 and had a go with miss helping out 

the result is yet to be seen, we have enough soap for several months once it’s fully cured and we’ve used all of the bought stuff, the kit makes 2 batches 

I enjoyed the process and introducing miss who wants to be a scientist now to chemistry 

so I have been trying to find recipes for smaller batches, roughly enough for 1 bread loaf mould I’m having a little trouble with that, I’ll have to learn the calculations instead 

next thing I’d like to try is dish liquid….. again with an aim at using my own soap as a base in the future 

next adventure…. candles? 

no darling it’s not a new hobby it’s being self sustaining or frugal or something 😉


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