By beebeejaybee · My Style

Finding style

I’m trying to catch the train to work a lot more now that the weather is warming up.

problem is I work for the company who runs the trains….. wearing my work uniform to and from work has left me at various times in very interesting situations, that time that I felt the need to cover all of the logos and hide in the crowd, that time the train stopped in the middle of nowhere because of a power outage, that time I decided to jump on the next train that came along regardless of where it went just to get away from the angry people on the platform.

So I frequently find myself travelling to work in something like the before in this pic

Image result for frumpy jeans and t shirt
I glow in the dark and don’t buy or keep jeans with holes in but you get the idea

I’m travelling with people who are dressed like this


Feeling under dressed is an understatement

NOW somewhere in here I’m looking for Me-Made somethings that make me feel less daggy and fit some place between corporate and Casual

then I discovered that this is a thing
Don’t judge too harshly is almost summer in Australia

and I have the perfect patterns to play with

Seamwork magazine – Delavan blazer
Seamwork magazine – Weston short

I’m sure with a little hunting around I can make this work with my well worn Volleys, something to get me from B-C without feeling like a tourist in my commute


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