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when a Bundt becomes a Doughnuts

A while ago I got a 6 hole Doughnut tray with my Better homes and gardens Mag, They had an offer to buy more from the website which I didn’t take up ๐Ÿ˜• 


This weekend I got the urge to bake 

Trawling through my cook books looking for something that I had the ingredients for I found a Ginger Bundt cake…. 

  • butter …… tick
  • eggs…. tick
  • milk …..tick
  • self raising flour…… wholemeal will have to do 
  • plain flour….. tick 
  • ground Ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon…… tick
  • Brown Sugar….. tick

Let’s make us a Bundt!

and then I got to thinking Bundt is kinda like a giant Doughnut. I have  a Doughnut pan.

Bundt cake has a hole
Doughnut has a hole… same same right?

And so the beating and the whipping and the folding began 

Sadly, during the folding, my Mixmaster decided to go fast all of a sudden and wouldn’t stop until turned off at the power point ๐Ÿ˜ญ

but the batter was made so I filled my 6 little doughnut cups and started baking 

Yeah, the oven needs cleaning

the first batch I overfilled, I moaned about needing a piping bag. Miss suggested I make one from paper like that guy on TV

You’ll need a piping bag, or just make one from paper

let’s just say my paper piping bag left a lot to be desired but it did work quite well 

so 4 rounds of fill bake empty then rinse the pan and we have something that looks like this 

They hit the spot for that little bit of something to go with a cuppa

and the Child’s wish for gingerbread (its cake but it will do)


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