By beebeejaybee


Life is hectic.

I got the job that I’ve been doing for the last 5 months, I’m still not sure how I feel about that. it’s the end of getting my hands dirty and shiftwork unless doing the shifts is useful to my needs 

I’m constantly busy and when I’m not busy I’m exhausted. to say I lack energy to do the things I want would be correct though I still have the interest.

I decided yesterday to simplify my craft, I think I have so many half done projects that it’s just overwhelming. 

I pulled out my Verdant pullover to work on last week and realised that the sleeves are massive, it’s the design of the garment but I also know they will drive me nuts so I will remake the sleeves in more of a tube than a bell style, they will still be quite loose but not so big that I could stick my head into them….. but I can’t maths right now so in my flourish of reorganisation it was tucked away into a box

my Christmas bunting has been floating around forever… it also found itself in a tin

many of my quilt projects are tucked away in boxes already I rearranged the boxes in a way that the most finished is the easiest to reach 

I still have a doona cover that I was  converting to a quilt for miss sitting under the needle so that is my top priority sewing project followed by a birthday/ housewarming gift for a friend and then reassembling the top I pulled apart a few months ago because I was hoping getting the knot out would be simple (it won’t) 

all of my wool projects got tucked away except for my corner to corner bamboo blanket which is now my train/lounge project 

all of my cross stitch which were just getting dirty sitting around are now tucked away in another box

it doesn’t make for interesting crafting but it hopefully will see at least something finished without being overwhelmed by the other half done somethings 


One thought on “Hectic 

  1. I totally hear you on the UFOs. I am currently crocheting two blankets. I have decided that I must finish one before I keep going with the other. For one blanket, I have crocheted 126 individual granny squares and joined together 84 of them (and I’ve done all the ends for the 84 I’ve done. That’s 1,008 ends), so only 42 squares to join plus the border. But I keep getting side tracked with the *other* blanket which only (only!) has 48 squares (I’ve done nine) plus a border, and the other project I have in my box, and another kit I really really like the look of that I’ve not bought yet. I have to finish the damn granny blanket before I’m allowed to do ANYTHING else!

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