By beebeejaybee


I’ve been a bit flat lately, everything seems to be stressful, I’m struggling to find a space and time to sit quietly and defrag. my mind is constantly turning over everything and I can’t seem to separate that from the noises and things going on around me. Sooooo many things, where did all of these things come from 

so this long weekend with dreams of going somewhere or doing something, I really just want to stay home and offload some stuff 

and by stuff I mean Physical stuff, we have stuff everywhere and it’s overwhelming 

so to start I decided that my biggest stress is that miss is now too big for most of the clothes in her wardrobe 

So yesterday morning I had her drag ALL of the clothes from her room and try everything on 

there is now a bag of stuff ready to go out the door and one in the bin 

and a couple of parcels on the way (love shopping online) of the vital items that are missing since the clear out, we kept 1 school jumper that Really doesn’t fit but it’s winter and the parcel could take a few days 

after that success her entire wardrobe was put in the wash because it stinks 

that took me to my room I’m still sitting at 12ish kg down which is enough to say I need smaller clothes but not enough to want to spend a heap on new clothes.

anyway I decided to remove anything summer that is at least a size too big, sadly this includes my favourite denim skirt which I was thinking to alter but in the end just seemed too hard right now 

I have thrown out a number of things that I really don’t like having around and created a stack of things that should be easy to alter 

my gym gear I sorted and folded so tops and pants are together with a towel for each set, since I always forget my towel despite having quite a few and as it turns out enough to put one with each set of clothes 

maybe I should throw a pair of knickers in each of those bundles 🤔

next step is to figure out how to alter the few things remaining 

but first my sewing table is covered in half done projects which are easy enough to finish and then I will look at adjusting those things 


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