By beebeejaybee


this week I was asked if I would do my current role full time (take the position should it be offered) 

I feel like I should be Jumping enthusiastically at such a thought 


this job is hard…. shiftwork is also hard …. either way I end the day completely fried, one physically the other mentally 

and then a phone call reveals that my position is coming up as an actual job 😳 

Choose your hard ….

of course there is no choice my reluctance to actually make a choice on the spot is more let’s not get our hopes up combined with I’ve been on day shift and I still can’t remember what day it is, actually half the time I’m struggling to remember anything ….. did mention the job is hard 
anyway this weekend I have made  an attempt to defrag a little 

Last weekend Jeff helped me level a small space in our yard to create a yoga garden (he’ll never know how much it means that he suggested such a thing)

this weekend I added the mulch, Because rocks and sand. I’m hoping to grow grass here as well 

today I hit my 10kg loss milestone…. which when you are following weight watchers online kinda comes and goes without mention except when you mention it yourself on the community 

I treated myself to a new craftsy class, continental knitting, and spent all day practicing and learning, I’m a rusty knitter as it is but I can certainly see the advantages of this style 


now to find me some lopi so I can make myself an Icelandic sweater (totally something I need living in Australia and all)


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