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Sometimes you get nervous, Sometimes it’s just the weetbix.

remember that time I went strict Paleo? and dragged my family along for the ride for months and months 

from that I discovered that some grain based products do not agree with me. 

I had the “health professional” at the work health fair insist that feeling unwell after eating these things was normal if you have abstained for a period of time 🙄 (I have this feeling that if it makes you feel unwell it’s probably not great for you to eat) 

anyway fast forward a few years and many different ways of eating later, I discovered this little recipe in a weight watchers magazine for morning trifle  and edited it to suit my needs 



1/2cup 0% fat Greek style yogurt 

1/3cup unsweetened almond milk 

your choice of chopped fruit 

layered in a jar and left overnight 


Cue new job…. you know the one that requires me to stand in front of people and talk 😱

so as time goes by one expects the nerves to settle a little as presenting becomes more and more normal 

but every now and then I was feeling so worked up that I felt ill like I want to go home ill

it’s just nerves I tell myself you’ll be right once you warm up and get into it 

and so the day goes by I start to feel better and more confident in what I’m doing 

then Easter happens, 

5days off, the first Easter off in what seems like years plus an RDO 

it was glorious,

then Tuesday rolled around, I had my morning trifle and got to the dishes, pretty shortly it hit me, that all too familiar tummy ache that I usually put down to nerves 

and then it twigged, I also once had these tummy aches when I was in primary school, when the old doctor up the street poked and prodded and declared that I just needed to go to school

I always put it down to nerves…. always 

and yet here I was just going about my day nothing to be nervous about 

the one common thing was the trusty weetbix which I gave up years ago because grains (yes I still believe grains are bad, but I’ve also learned that life has to go on) 

so while I’m okay with some bread most pasta and oats and I can put up with corn and beans in small quantities. weetbix are just too wheat for me…… now I need to find myself an alternative to them for my breakfast…… I wonder if layering yogurt and chia pudding would work 


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