By beebeejaybee

In which I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck

Seriously how hard could it be, taking what I pretty much know and sharing it with people who don’t…… ha!

today is the first day this week that I have not come home with a headache ….. the difference with today is no classes

Monday I thought it was the screens and not wearing my readers nearly enough….. Ha, Ha!

Nope, the next day a chat with my workmate revealed that is the way it is… and may be for a month at least.

Now that airy fairy people drain energy from each other thing seems to have come to fruition in my life, second day, more water, less headache but just as exhausted

that said I am enjoying learning all of the things I’m learning

I have been put in my place in regards to computers, I thought I was pretty good.

WORD is sooo complicated, and lets not even start with the complexity of OFFICE when it’s actually used in and office environment

I aim to do a few courses when I have time, this stuff has just blown my mind.

Photocopiers are really complicated ….. who knew

unfortunately my Swoon has sat idle since my last post, I think I should make it my project for march…. or perhaps work on storytime….. oh the possibilities


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