By beebeejaybee

Hello February

So it’s a few days late… it happens, Life goes on

My January Project of the month gained 2.5 bands of colour and has been tucked away in it’s little box for ‘ron

Photo 3-02-2016, 13 59 47

I made myself a tea cozy

Photo 6-02-2016, 21 37 55

though I feel it needs a flap on top to keep the heat in the lid

and my February project is…….(insert drumroll here)


Photo 7-02-2016, 16 21 00

that would be 3 blocks awaiting the longest chain piecing exercise I have ever done, I have the top two rows of each block to put together and that ladies and gentlemen will be 9 blocks completed ready for the sashing and joining to begin, we have discussed a black and sliver/grey paisley border around the outside to make sure it covers our bed, and then I need to get myself some batting and figure out how I’m going to quilt such a monstrosity

In two weeks time I will find myself on Monday to Friday dayshift ……. Indefinitely, in an office/classroom…… Indefinitely…… my future manager is pushing for me to get more information, he he’s only been with the company a few months, I’m used to stuff will happen soon. meaning no one has solidly decided and when it happens, it will all happen at once with no chance to hold on or slow down or back out…….. I am really going to miss  my random Wednesdays off and my 4 day book offs, and especially my 6 day book offs …. but … Dayshift, INDEFINITLEY Rolling on the floor laughing  (ok I’ll go back to quietly freaking out now)

With a more stable lifestyle on the horizon I have decided to sign up to Weight Watchers online, for a year  I like the system of points, I found myself looking at the scale reading 96kg and42% body fat… and a rising trend. I also found myself struggling to sleep as various parts of my bod put pressure on other parts….. and I snore badly, anyway, I’m starting yesterday


42.2% body fat (this one will become more important later)

goal is


around 30% body fat


3 thoughts on “Hello February

  1. Yes, well. I can join you on the 96.1kg (although mine was accompanied by a rather heartfelt “yes!” when I got on the scales this morning after a couple of fully ridiculous weeks). Dunno about body fat % (don’t think I want to!) My honest goal is 80kg, although if I can get to 85kg, I will be absolutely delighted. And YAY for dayshift. Reg has just started working permanent dayshift and it’s weird and awesome both at the same time.

  2. I’m doing weight watchers too with hubby. I dropped a dress size last year. Hoping to drop another one this year.

    LOVE your tea cozy. It’s all kinds of cute! Good luck with your swoon. I WAS going to do a swoon for our king bed, but got distracted by a quilt-along with FQS and decided to go with that instead.

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