By beebeejaybee

Remember that time when I could buy stuff and it fit?

once upon a time lets say about 9 years ago I put a whole heap of effort in to losing a heap of weight 

I would look at myself in the windows as I walked past and admire that figure….. let’s be realistic the smallest I have ever been as an adult is size 12 Australian and towards the top of the range 

but still I could mostly buy stuff off the shelf and it fit…. unless it was designed for people who aren’t curvy 

and suddenly I realise that my point is null and void….. I could only fit into select ranges because BOOBS 

and so to today…..

My latest order from my new favourite online fitness wear shop arrived, I loved this months range and chose a slightly out of the box option of a fitted halter style cross back top with the same leggings I love in the new colour 

I didn’t expect the top to be quite that fitted! I mean I haven’t had any trouble with any other tops from the same company but this was crazy 

I wriggled and wriggled and pushed and shoved with Jeff in the background mentioning how painful it looked until finally I was in! yay! now off to the bathroom rearranging the girls this way and that in hopes of making those straps look less odd 

let’s just say there are no pictures in this post for a reason A) I don’t want to defame the company because they do sell some great stuff and B) it was not a good look 

if you’ve ever seen those large older women on the beach under their umbrellas with their too small swimmer straps pulled off the shoulders and everything tucked in as much as possible….. yeah fitted wasn’t quite the word stuffed in would work 

after more pulling and pushing and poking and prodding I finally decided that this garment which fit perfectly from the chest down was designed for less booby women….. I’m not sure how many women out there are an XL or XXL and are not large chested but the fit guide suggested that a number of people in that range had this problem 

and so time to remove the offending garment….. or not, I struggled and twisted and pulled until it was clear I was never getting out of that thing… ever

And so I did what every intelligent girl does when she finds herself in such a situation. I burst into tears complete with sobbing and wailing  against the fridge.

unfortunately Jeff took this to be laughter and laughed along …… you can guess how that went down 

anyway eventually I was assisted in exiting the offending garment and proceeded to curl up on the floor and beat myself up some more before taking myself to bed and leaving a review along the lines of I love the top but I have a generous chest so your shelf bra fitted garment made me cry 

and here’s where I wonder what I do about my size, Jeff will tell me I need to do more and be more active and diet doesn’t matter….. Jeff doesn’t commute 3 hours a day he doesn’t want to be dragged along in another fad diet that he has to take part in wether he wants to or not (he’s still cut up about the lack of peas and potatoes in paleo) 

so a weight loss plan that doesn’t restrict food choices and doesn’t find me hungry enough to eat all the things or require me to eat a set number of meals or actually remember what I ate? 


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