By beebeejaybee

It’s a new day, it’s a new year 

it sounds better in my head,

this time there has been a certain lacking in holidayness,

New Year’s Eve I got home poured my one drink which I didn’t really have time to enjoy because I had to finish it leaving enough time before starting work on New Year’s Day, Really I would have been better off without and sticking to the fancy soft drinks (cucumber and citrus lemonade anyone?) 

anyway it’s all been a bit like that, a bit nothing…… except the stress of what do we do with Miss thrown in because the whole world shuts down between 24th of December and the 11th of January don’t you know? so there are no easy options  for the days we are both working 
I think next year we’ll go on a Christmas cruise and just get away from it all 

or maybe just head bush, though the current weather is not looking good for that option 


I only really realised that there was a new year, because all of the People on Instagram talking about setting their intention for the year and making lists and filling in their beautiful life books and no doubt considering their one little words 

Me? I’m just not sure what I want in the year, work has set goals for me I hope to reach mostly because it just makes sense that even learning part time I should be able to train someone from newbie to qualified by the end of the year especially with the revolving door my workplace is

I’m wavering in my fitness goals, do I really want to persue heavier weight or focus on some other aim, I still want to achieve monkey bars and generally better shoulders as in more stable and mobile I really don’t care for the look of my shoulders they’ve always been broad enough that strapless anything is out of the question but to have strength and control with confidence would be amazing 

from there are my yoga goals……. press into handstand would be nice though even just being able to kick up like I used to as a kid would be fantastic…….. and then there is hanumanasana I really love the story that goes with it, I figured that I was only for the ultra fit and Flexi to achieve…… and then I saw the beautiful @curvygirlmeetsyoga and a few others posting photos and videos of themselves seemingly simply sliding into the pose or at least comfortable there….. I just need to work on those hips some more

my crafty goals are going to be the same as the last few years, get the WIPs done before starting anything new,and then, queen sized quilts for our bed and perhaps that matryoshka quilt for miss that I haven’t even looked at fabric for yet 

next year I’m taking the time off… maybe 


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