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Christmas Day in my world was a complete write off,

I got home at around half five, pulled a beer from the fridge made Jeff a coffee and dragged everyone out of bed 

then let the gifting begin 

our theme for this year was Star Wars and camping, we got ourselves a 10man “house tent”

then I dragged myself to bed to be woken by the various noises that happened and eventually dragged myself out of bed with just enough time to dress and leave hoping to get coffee on the way 

no such luck, seriously EVERTHING was closed except a smattering of service stations and a maccas where I picked up dinner but failed to get coffee 

winner winner chicken dinner

Sundaes need to be eaten straight away 

thanks to the lady who insisted the new girl needed to fill it up more

it’s a tough night to work with the emotional fatigue of everyone else is out having a good time combined with struggling to sleep because daytime.

honestly there was also salad

Boxing Day was a great improvement we delayed our family thing because brother and I were both working 


see salad
mum and the soon to be sil did a fantastic feast of glazed ham turkey roll and this year duck 

Of course there was the mandatory Christmas pudding which brought about a discussion where we discovered brother is the only person at the table who really likes hard sauce (it’s basically butter icing with brandy set hard) 


dare you to read that out loud
After lunch  dad broke out the fancy wine and the rest of the afternoon flowed into an evening of watching Doctor Who while nibbling ham off plates before a dip in the spa and a good nights sleep 


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