By beebeejaybee

advent blog along day 20- lunch with the in laws 

It was pegged to be a 44° day, we had a good couple of hours drive ahead (the joys of living on the opposite extremes of the city) we left stupid early

thankfully Poppy and M have a pool, the first point of call for a certain small person who reluctantly allowed me to smear super thick extra sport 50+ sunscreen all over the skin not covered in Lycra first 

it wasn’t long before we were all in and miss had passed out the water squirters 

It was great fun for everyone to be squirting each other complete with ganging up and sneak attacks

M does a killer barbecue, we never need to stop on the way home from their house for snacks and rarely have dinner, the food is always fantastic 

this time there was seafood, pasta and ceaser salad served with enormous Tbones …. miss was horrified by the seafood salad but as the only member of our house who eats seafood other than battered fish fillets I thoroughly enjoyed it

it wasn’t too late when we left but the car was stupid hot, the drinks we took for the drive home were warm within 10 minutes, the sun had some serious bite but both the drive there and home seemed so much shorter than usual perhaps it’s just having good company in the car 


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