By beebeejaybee

Advent blog along day 19 – But it’s a public holiday!

Miss has become accustomed to my work patterns 

she knows not to disturb me if she finds me in her bottom bunk (yes we only have one child, bunk beds were the best purchase ever) 

She knows that some days that she’s off school, she’ll have to entertain herself 

she is capable of getting her own lunch

she is used to me occasionally being able to attend school events 

She has developed a habit of asking if I will be home at X time on X day 

especially if it’s something important to her

she likes a Kiss and cuddle when I leave before dawn even though she’s asleep 

this week the inevitable conversation came about 

“will you be coming with us on Christmas Day?”

sorry kiddo I’m on nights Christmas Eve and Christmas Day I’ll be sleeping all day

“But why? it’s a public holiday 😳” (seriously where does she get this stuff from)

sorry kiddo 

“what about my birthday?”

yeah I’m working then too 

“But why can’t you take it off ?”

insert short explanation about not always being able to do the things you want 

I can’t say it’s the life I had dreamed of for her, things were different way back then I worked in a different place, I could swap shifts wherever I pleased 

hopefully one day she will understand. it’s just the way it is sometimes 


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