By beebeejaybee

advent blog along day 11- Just keep swimming 

Today one of the big changes in the school came about the first ever local schools swimming carnival 

currently there are two schools in the area, there used to be three but one lost too many kids 

ours and the no Longer there school being both the smallest in a half hour radius used to do a number of activities together, it was nice 

the fill in principal this year having been long involved with small schools, started getting the older kids into the area small schools events held around an hour away 

today was the first real taste of what that involves, two small schools competing together in the local resorts 25m pool to see who will be good enough for next years small schools carnival 

miss won’t be going, she went well in her across the pool races and the principal said this time next year she’ll be racing the length 

the most important thing is she had fun, I enjoyed watching them all and took a few snaps for parents who couldn’t Make it 

I also must remember to pack a swim bag back in the car, with hats and sunscreen (I got fried)


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