By beebeejaybee

Advent blog along day 10- moving forward

so…. umm 1-2 -3-4-5-6-7-10 …. it’s the new way of counting, and I’ve been on nights which pretty much went along the lines of get up eat go to work get home go to bed, rinse wash repeat 😴😴😴😴😴

Today was a big day, a day that looks to the future with golden views of one day being without shift work 

This morning after massive storms over night, I woke up (at an hour Car doesn’t believe exists) hot because the fan was no longer running, my phone was not charging and was around 98% ….. no power 

I dragged my sorry self out of bed and grabbed my brand new WHITE shirt from its hanger, located some jeans and headed downstairs for a pommy wash, no hope of a warm shower if my phone had lost charge figured I’d get one at work 

putting on the long sleeve covered up pearly buttoned blouse with the company logo on the left breast really scared me….. did I mention it’s WHITE… I don’t wear white 

leaving a whole hour earlier than needed gave me time to stop for breakfast…. eat in mcafé breakfast, because white shirt,me, and driving 

arriving at work a whole hour early (hey what happened to the traffic?) I considered having a shower but my off sider was there to run his own session, starting earlier than mine but ready to help me get set up 

and before I knew it, people were arriving everything was set up and I never got that shower

the first session wasn’t mine so my observer took the time to recertify one of my required qualifications which also ment taking me through the running of the course 

the second session was almost all mine, it’s a big step from 3 years ago  when I couldn’t even talk in front of my own classmates to now standing in front presenting a course with the odd bit of assistance from the observer 

all that can happen now is onwards and upwards…… and changing the colour of that shirt 

poly cotton elastin takes dye right?


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