By beebeejaybee

Advent blog along day 6 Planning for the future 

taking the topic from Car 

in my recent trip to Kikki-K, I picked up a Cute Refill for my planner 

this year I’m simplifying it.

gone are the stickers as cute and fun as they are, my planning style is all about practicality, I need to keep track of My home/family stuff and appointments as well as my work stuff 

my current system looks something like this 



keeping my electronic planner lined up with my paper plans is the biggest challenge because hitting accept on an email can change a whole days plans, occasionally two or three days, but because it’s my work device I also can’t throw all of my personal stuff in there 

I’m aiming for one day a week to align everything again 

for the moment I’m pulling out the old pages that I don’t need as they get to be more than a fortnight ago, I might continue doing this so I don’t have so much to sort through next year 

I’ve also reduced the tabs in my planner from the 4-5 that come as standard down to just the month view and the weekly view, all of my contacts addresses and birthdays are in my phone, if I have stuff to do, I have sticky notes and I write it on the day in my planner, I never use the expenses or the shops and restaurants.
the one sticker I think I will continue with if I can get them are my little Zombies so I remember not to over schedule myself on that day after nightshift 



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