By beebeejaybee

Advent Blog along Day 5 – Aussie problems 

Today we’re discussing the things that in our childhoods and even now,being Aussie Kids were dissapointing at Christmas 

  1. Snow…. yeah it’s summer there isn’t any 
  2. ugly sweaters… again summer no go 
  3. not being able to go inside because it’s too hot as mum is cooking a roast
  4. every commercial thing is based on a Northern hemisphere Christmas 
  5. Christmas cards showing snow lined streets, while you’re sweating your pants off in 40°C 
  6. it doesn’t get dark until 8pm so looking at lights happens when you’re too tired to care 

one day my dad dreams of going to a northern hemisphere location with his family for a white Christmas, it sounds amazing and would be a fantastic experience…. but right now the world is a little turbulent for such things….. maybe I’ll buy him a yard of snow one year, maybe this year I’ll get some of the instant snow from Kikki-K


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