By beebeejaybee

Advent blog along Day 2- and so it begins 

in case you missed it this grinch is playing along with Car of Carrose creations and her annual blog along

while I was out today dragging my sorry self to the doctor and the post office and the chemist which happened to be not too far from Kikki-K and I had a $10 birthday voucher to spend (hello $3 for a new planner refill )

I recieved a message about an upcoming family event which I can’t make it to 

something along the lines of are you sure you can’t make it really lovely cousin is dissapointed…. sigh

refraining from whinging about how unfair my current work situation is (sorry you’re learning a relief role while filling your permanent role NO LEAVE FOR YOU!) I respond with the basics and leave it at that and dad in his simple way responds with K thanks 

one day I will have a day job…. and then I will go to all of the barbecues and events of only my favourite people for years and years 

but not yet…. not just yet…..

A big plus for today apart from having time to attend to an almost expired High risk work license and spending a good half hour in Kikki-K followed by a good half hour in T2 (seriously buy all of the things and most of the tea) was this little guy turning up in our mailbox 

the first card for the year,

we hang our cards on the tree, this one didn’t want to sit on a branch so I found my single hole punch and punched a hole in the top corner so one of the branches could poke through holding it in place 

our lights are up and running tonight though the new ones seem to have missed out on a good charge during the day (we only use solar lights) and have gone dim before the older ones came on, hopefully tomorrow they will all be bright together and then I will show you how it looks and maybe think about what comes next 


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