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Advent Blog along Day 1

So … December, already. when did that happen?

This year I’m aiming to play along with Carrose and her Christmas crazy – I even changed my theme for the occasion

Our household has a long running argument I’m pretty sure given the chance, Jeff would have the tree up in September but I’m pretty big on my old family rule- no Christmas before Belinda’s birthday and so they are forced to wait, I tend to extend this to Christmas must be packed away before Miss’ birthday, that occasionally doesn’t happen because – Life

so today whilst dying from the Flu or some such similar thing and being way too hot in bed, I plonked myself in front of the air conditioner and sorted our new lights ready to hang themPhoto 1-12-2015, 12 57 07

then dragged myself out into the heatwave and wound them around our balcony supports,

Photo 1-12-2015, 19 38 02

While looking for the tree I found the obligatory letterbox decorations, these started when we first moved and the local community service ran a Christmas lights competition in which you could enter either your house or your letterbox (much of where I live and the area covered are large rural property’s or homes built up on the hills where the house cannot be seen from the road)

Photo 1-12-2015, 19 35 53

Once miss got home from school we hit the tree I’ve been hoping to slowly swap out the cheap decorations that came in an assorted bag for good ones for years…. this seems to somewhat be failing, thought there are a few special ones in there here and there

Photo 1-12-2015, 17 46 40

I also found my bunting project now in its third year…. from memory it simply needs another packet of binding to allow it to be made, perhaps tomorrow I’ll get some

Photo 1-12-2015, 19 48 18

I feel like our tree needs a skirt…. but that’s another project for another time

Photo 1-12-2015, 19 45 35


2 thoughts on “Advent Blog along Day 1

  1. You are motivated! I don’t decorate the outside of my house!
    I love your bunting. I am thinking of making some Christmas bunting – but maybe another year.

    1. Ah, we have the similar tradition… Chaos’s birthday is the 5th. Christmas can start on the 6th. Tree comes down on 12th night (6th January) which is from *my* family.

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