By beebeejaybee

podcasts, what I’m binging on now 

so with the end of another week of commuting I found myself devoid of podcasts again 

Since iOS9 came out and the new podcasts app lacking a play all oldest to newest option I’ve moved to overcast, it’s not free for the full version but I’m happy with it, it does what I need 

anyway after running out of listening material I went browsing the suggested titles 

I found the radiotopia section and figured with a name like that I can’t go too badly and downloaded the 3rd or maybe fourth language based podcast to my list, The Allusionist which I marathoned while cutting out my future Wren dress 
this lead to Song exploder….. I’m still not 100% on this one after listening to the most recent episode I decided to add it to my playlist but not download the back episodes 

and finally I Found 99% invisible which I’m currently up to episode 138 of 185 and counting . there are the odd few I skip through as the subject fails to interest me but so far  so good and my “evergreen” (not date dependant) Radio national podcasts are accruing nicely I ended up giving up on the news based podcasts except correspondents report which really can be enjoyed anytime despite often referring to current affairs 


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