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Working on the wardrobe 

So a couple of weeks ago I cleaned out my wardrobe.

there are still the crazy heels and dr Martens to get on eBay, but clothing wise I’m feeling almost ready to start aiming for that magic number of 33.

one thing I struggle with is that half of my frequently worn clothes are in the wash so tend to miss the count

my current aim is to get rid of the Tshirts, they have become my go to, 60th birthday- Tshirt and jeans, Miss to dance, Tshirt and jeans, off to work….. you get the idea 

I generally find myself greatly under dressed….. we won’t talk about the trips to the major shopping centres in my daggiest Tracky daks and ugg boots which resulted in first stop Kmart for a super cheap outfit for the day and a bag to carry the daggys in 

so with my birthday coming up I’ve decided to make a bit of a birthday resolution 

no more Tshirts for leaving the house, no more going to work in the daggiest clothing I own, even if I’m only on nights 

Really what I wear reflects how I value on myself, obviously I’m tired. my post nightshift “tired mum eyes” are testament to that. Perhaps dressing a little better, I’m not saying getting all gussied up, just not wearing those things that should be relegated to cleaning the bathroom in, outside the house will give the appearance of being less drained (insert something about faking till you make it here)

while I have dreams of a hand made by me wardrobe, I have to face the reality that the time right now is just not available to spend hours(days) making enough blouses to be useful.

so somewhat inspired by the refashonista I have taken to shopping at Vinnies, I currently only have 2 or 3 Tshirts to replace.

this week I found a nice millers top with lace trim and a nice though fairly old looking Target blouse along with a bright pink active wear style spray jacket which will replace my last and old favourite holey grey cardi 

I also have a Colette patterns Jasmine top in the process of making, my chosen fabric is fraying badly and I’ve marked the darts on the wrong side so feeling a little discouraged right now, I hope to finish it this weekend which will give me replacements for all of my Tshirts, I’m still in two minds about my tough mudder commemorative T as the event is no longer in the location it was and that was the first ever tough mudder in Sydney 

next I need to work on dresses, I have two house dresses that I love for just bumming around in one that is more of an out to lunch or shopping frock and a similar style from my recent Vinnies adventure, one lacy pretty occasion dress and the same two way black dress that I’ve had for many years 

I’m trying to decide how many times a girl can wear a dress to special occasions before the choice seems odd, though I’m considering making up a few different sashes for it so it seems different each time 

I don’t intend on counting my special occasion dresses in the 33 as they are only used once or twice a year or less each. though sticking with the rules one in one out will be important too 

the one thing that I was hoping to find at Vinnies was a new pair of interview pants, the ones I loved were way too small, I’ll have to keep looking or perhaps make up a pair of Colette patterns Juniper pants in black, I currently have no intention of looking for a new role as I’m just starting out in my current one but interview pants could come in handy at any time 


2 thoughts on “Working on the wardrobe 

  1. I realised I can *never* get to 33 items of clothing – I have work clothes, weekend clothes, not leaving the house cos I’m cleaning clothes that double as walking the dog clothes, and the fancy going out stuff that I rarely wear but is classic enough that I can shop from my wardrobe. And living in Victoria, four seasons in one day isn’t really a joke, and more of an accurate description of the weather shenanigans that are par for the course.

    BUT I also realised I don’t need 330 items of clothing either – I did the whole KonMari thing on everyone’s wardrobe which lead to a heap of stuff going to the oppy and me gaining a drawer to put some crap that was in a cane box, and re-purposing the cane box for my yarn supplies! I also ended up having a long hard talk to myself about stripy t-shirts and fancy pjs. I do like a nice stripe, but I have eight (!!!) striped t-shirts of varying cuts and sleeve lengths. And in all seriousness, two pairs each of summer, winter and flannel pjs is sufficient. I have to wear ‘business’ attire to work (today and yesterday for eg, short sleeved shirt and pencil skirt, often capris and a shirt or one of my million stripy t-shirts!) – yesterday, I wore a brand spankin’ new skirt I’d forgotten I’d bought *last* summer.

    After all of that, all I have on my legitimate purchases that don’t need to be justified list is one white and one black non-scoop necked short sleeved t-shirt, and one white and one black short sleeved tailored shirt. And if I can find one that’s not hooker length or nana length (or $100!), a denim skirt to replace one I’m still wearing that’s past repairing.

    1. I have read a number of people say that 33 is an arbitrary number, pick one that works for you….. I really need to have a good look at my workout gear
      I wouldn’t count stuff you have to wear for work because even if it’s not its uniform,and walking the dog fits into lounge wear which doesn’t count nor does workout clothing or payjamas….. though I did recently let all 8 of my onesies go…. it was a sad day, I love onesies. Basically you’re left with the stuff you wear to go out for shopping Dinner and barbecues …. social wear? 😉

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