By beebeejaybee

jumping on the minimalist bandwagon 

lately I’ve been considering starting a project 333 style wardrobe challenge. time has just not been available to me for the last few weeks but I really need some sort of organisation in my life.

trying to form good habits has become almost impossible or I’m not focusing on the areas of my life I need to alter, sure yoga every day is a good thing but what good is it if my car is always a mess and my work bag never makes it to the house 

the no caffeine after midday has mostly stuck around 

anyway the basis of project 333 is that you have 33 items in your wardrobe not including underwear or workout gear (or motorcycle wear) for 3 months and pack the rest away until either next season or you realise you don’t need those items 

being somewhat conservative in the fashion department what with my go to Jeans and Tshirt style I managed to actually remove a large portion of my wardrobe right away 


My wardrobe, pre cleanout

my wardrobe is full of pre-baby sized clothes and things that I just don’t feel good in  
in the picture above, my goal pants in size 14 and dragin jeans in size 12

my favourite red jacket which in reality is a little tight across the shoulders 

and that box of one day they’ll fit so I’ll store them for a bit 

all in the bag bound for charity 

 my “interview” outfit, my last interview I put the pants on and was greatly disappointed in the fit, too long and too tight so out they go, I’ll be replacing them with better fitting ones or a plain black skirt  

of  these dresses the strappy ones are gone and the colourful one is lined up for alteration 

  I love this shirt but I’m trying to move away from this style of clothing  
this is also gone as I caught myself in a mirror wearing a similar one….. yeah not good 


Wardrobe post cleanup
I removed enough things that I now have things I actually wear except for a few permanent pieces, my LBD, my current occasion dress and some sentimental pieces

I’m also down to 5 pairs of shoes 

some things I’d like to alter but in the interest of having stuff to wear they currently fit okay until I can get to them 


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