By beebeejaybee

things and stuff 

so a few weeks ago I was getting ready for my mums birthday party 

I asked her to brush my hair, which of course gave her the opportunity to notice for the second time my 3 grey hairs 

“you can’t have grey hairs, that makes me old”

given my lifestyle I’m not surprised at all, all of the fatigue management courses I’ve done have all mentioned that Shiftwork takes around 10 years off your life…. in which case aging sooner is inevitable 

not to mention our family history of men going grey early, so why not also the women 

anyway in response to this concern of mothers I am colouring my hair…. not so much to cover the grey but because it’s fun 😆 

I’ve had the lightening kit in the cupboard for a few months 

the results were good I almost considered sticking with blonde until I realised that there was a patch that even after two applications was still mouse brown…. sigh (yes I should get it done professionally)

so straight into the pink it goes, this time I used the whole tube hopefully I haven’t missed any major spots, my hair is stupidly thick for only slightly wavy so spots tend to hide

perhaps next time I’ll go to one of the Newtown hairdressers who have the whole array of super bright colours in their windows and all sorts of interesting people inside and out 



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