By beebeejaybee

Some things are just not meant to be 

So, this morning after a big school event the day before, falling asleep on the lounge and being woken and sent to bed, my alarm went off at 3am….. several snoozes later I’d lost my advantage of being up an hour before I have to leave and with no time to make lunch ducked out the door with plans to grab food on the way 

I like to get my lunch from a little 7/11 that I pass simply because it’s conveniet, and well as far as servo food goes there are some “good” choices. my favourite is the pesto pasta chicken salad- sadly I had to settle for a sandwich 

and then I spotted this deal 

hey a good sized pack of twisties for $2 why not 

because they are WRONG that’s why not, the flavour isn’t bad but my favourite crispy ricey snack should be savoury, salty and cheesey, or chickeny, maybe even tomato or barbecue or salt and vinegar at a stretch 

but nope I was expecting something along the lines of light and tangy thins or sour cream and chives….. this is outright lemon flavour! the same type you have in sour worms or warheads maybe even fruit salad gummies 

now don’t be put off by this the taste is ok but be warned as odd combinations go this is even above that monstrosity known as Cadbury vegemite block, which sat in the fridge for months as a I tried to convince myself that it wasn’t so bad, and each time I tried I was reminded that vegemite is not just salty it has its own complex mix of flavours 



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