By beebeejaybee

and with that its all over 

10 glorious days off to do absolutely nothing with 

well except when Jeff got all keen to do stuff and we went kayaking and the day we had to go source food 

the days have pretty much filled my need to be home ….. except now I don’t want to go back, 

I still struggle most with the travel as its such a non productive use of time sure I listen to multiple podcasts and learn about all kinds of things but I can’t read or write or do anything productive in that time 

so my two weeks of going nowhere doing nothing speaking to no one has been fantastic 

I’m a quarter of the way through a new crochet blanket, I’ve made a huge dent in my part of my secret project, I’ve made progress on a few quilt tops had many naps and developed some movement in Yoga 

I have 6 weeks until we meet again for the secret squirrel and 5blocks to complete, I’m hopeful my newfound inspiration continues enough to allow for a day of crafting per week, I’m returning to the dreaded 6 day stretch on our roster, though this time there is no training to be done… I hope, unless it means I’m off roster for a bit in order to continue my learning….. but I doubt that will happen for a while 

I’m also still waiting for a few things I ordered in the first week of the holiday, a new chair for my sewing table, a yoga wheel I found one made in Australia and some other bits and pieces 

my faith in the postage system is too great or it’s too touch and go as to wether something takes 3 days or 14 …… let’s not forget that public holiday, those things are never on my radar  

bet they all turn up next week when I’m struggling for time 


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