By beebeejaybee

Getting stuff done

a couple of weeks ago, I realised Life was getting to me, every other week my roster had been altered to accommodate my training needs meaning I frequently cam off nightshift for a day and onto dayshift for two before a day off and back into the normal roster again

add to that my next mudrun being cancelled a month before it was due to run and it’s too late for early bird entry to anything else this year (early bird is usually around $45 close to the date can be around 90) and the fact I had to cancel other plans because this was already booked and throw in everyone wanting everything done yesterday and …omg I was sooo tired and I’m not your team leader and my wifi won’t work properly and I just DON’T WANNA

so a couple of weeks off everything it is

the first week I planned to spend some quality time with miss…. on monday we went shopping for new shoes, she fell asleep in the car on the way home (unusual for her) . The rest of the week was pretty much a write off, days of snuggling, yoga and tv

incidentally, despite not finishing Septembers challenge I am continuing to learn and further my practice using the related videos and during the week while miss slept most of the day away i achieved a tripod headstand

see it here

the long weekend turned up with a heap of creative which saw a a number of WIPs dragged out and attacked first that pretty pink one withe the puppies and love hearts


and then those blocks that have been laying around for years waiting for a decision, I decided to just join them together, also considering pulling some random fabric from my box and making a border but it’s closer to done than before

then there were the repairs I’ve been meaning to do, that crochet granny rug with a few holey squares


using this tutorial Problem solved.


I’ve been progressing with this months challenge known as #octoberyogaspice on instagram and generally finding my head back in the right place…. apparently sleep is not so much over rated….. hopefully this training gig will lead to something more along the lines of dayshift

I have one more week off… and apart from educating Jeff in the ways of shopping at aldi (no you don’t need to get the bags ready, this cashier has the NSW record for scanning there’s no time to load as you go)

there may be kayaking when it cools down a little

oh and apparently today is my 8 year blogiversary with wordpress 😎

On another note, I have to Send all of my best wishes and love tothe always lovely Jenhoon, who has had such a great loss over the past month or so, I hope that you and your family are faring ok, and your little doves offer comfort for years to come, I have been reading but Blogger and WordPress don’t seem to be getting along for me at the moment. so all of my love to your whole family, i could never imagine what you and your family have gone through an the last few months


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