By beebeejaybee

taking time out 

with working so often, I try not to spend so much other time away from home 

Days like this week I find myself without “me” time. Off to bed usually by 8 up at 3 home just after the school bus. sure I have my time while driving but after some days it’s not really a wind down to be driving through the city during school zone time

so this morning I threw my yoga mat etc into the car with full intentions of stopping at the park and doing my practice there

By the end of the shift my brain was mush, I really need new work glasses, hopefully they’ll be in within 2 weeks so my eyes are tired out from much reading and searching and writing 

on the way home my need to unwind was great. the sun was shining through the park, a few people were about wandering around….. despite having a few days of all of my challenges to catch up on I decided not to practice today I could insert many excuses here, they’ll worry if I’m not home soon, I’m exhausted, there are too many people about…….

so I took myself 10 minutes to just lay on the grass in the sun and listen to the giant pidgeon things scratching around under a tree…… and it was A MAZE ING just to lay for 10 minutes and do nothing just to unwind from what was a fairly big day 

sometimes we all just need a few minutes time out….. just to be 


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