By beebeejaybee

Letting desire take over 

Remember earlier this year? when I told myself that there would be no new projects until the current ones are completed?

yeah…… so since then we’ll stuff happened, I bought some fabric and some wool, mad some skirts and a hat then kinda stagnated 

Today I saw a call out for the Farmers Wife 1930s quilt and was all ooh ooh oh I need this in my life 

and that’s when I realised. I have 7 unfinished quilts that I really must get to before I start anything else 

so looking for focus….. I have dear Jane which must be coming into its 4 year. I know it’s supposed to be a long term project but I haven’t touched it in a couple of years, so why get into another historic style quilt? 

I haven’t touched my machine in weeks, so I guess I’ll need to get back to that first…. when I’m not quite so tired….. 3am alarms aren’t helping 


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