By beebeejaybee

Happy Father’s Day…. and week one of my challenges 

Today, in Australia at least it’s Father’s Day.

yesterday we went to view Miss’s entry into operation art, the best artworks go on to the national gallery or the offices of the sponsors or to the children’s hospitals to brighten up the wards for the year.

Miss’s mixed media self portrait with favourite objects (barbie and horsie) didn’t go further than the armoury gallery 

But that makes for a great day out and the excitement of finding her and her schoolmates artworks among the hundreds that are there

This year considering today was Father’s Day we invited mum, Dad and Pa and had a Father’s Day picnic rather than having two big days in a row 

This ment that for the first time in forever Jeff got breakfast in bed and to spend the day pottering around at home rather than rushing of for a Barbecue or picnic with my family… though I’d rather not stay home as he cannot just relax for the day but then it’s not about me 

today is also Day 5&6 of my September Challenges, the yoga ones are a little messed up because of the time zone thing 


Warrior 1


Revolved triangle (I twisted the wrong way)


Crow( the resulting bruises aren’t pretty)

 Extended side angle 


I don’t have a wheel so I’ve been improvising 

   Modified Bridge thanks to Miss’s slightly deflated moon hopper

  Forward Fold sans prop Modified extended side angle with a swim ring

  Pistol squat on my roller 


Mikey’s 30 day Challenge 


50 jumping jacks 

10 push-ups 

20 Sumo squats 


20 squats

50 Jumping Jacks 

1 min wall sit


15 crunches 

20 Scary Monsters (frog jumps)

10 push-ups 

20 squats 


1 min plank

20 donkey kicks

15 sumo squats 

15 laying leg raises


25 scary monsters 

50 jumping jacks 

2×1 min wall sit

50 mountain climbers 


10 lunges each side 

10 push-ups 

2×10 lunges each side 

50 Mountain Climbers 


I’m looking forward to next week, it’s going to be a challenge since I’m working 5 days but it will be worth the effort………. expect more indoor pics and possibly one or two at the gym depending on how busy it is 


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