By beebeejaybee

Challenge Month

September appears to be the month for challenges …… at least for me


as always over on instagram @beachyogagirl and @kinoyoga are hosting their monthly challenge, I usually try to have a go and manage a few days, this time I’m aiming to make it past week 1


here’s my worrior


and then Dharma yoga wheel have a challenge in which you can win a Dharma yoga wheel amongst other stuff, I would really like one of these and almost bought one except the postage was prohibitive so figure I’ll have a go as close as I can with my blocks …. that said arm and shoulder stands evade me especially with my dicky shoulders…. I will have a go later


and finally My trainer sent a text yesterday issuing a challenge to all of his clients included was a word list and and instructions, each day he will send a word of the day and we are to complete the exercises that correspond with the letters of that word


Todays word was CAT so not super hard


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