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It’s coming up to that time of year again…… the Dreaded school holidays.

Miss hates it as much as we do, since she doesn’t get to spend the same amount of time with her school friends as during term. As much as she enjoys the holiday activities we book her into there is always the headache in the morning, especially when they require the kids at the location by 7am for an excursionSleepy smile and we both have to continue to work as normal

this year she is old enough to go to off to YMCA camp for a night or two… after agreeing amongst ourselves that it would be a great experience for her, I had a thought, we’re very big on involving the kids in decisions that effect themselves, Jeff has been a big driver of this at the school, especially with it being small enough that they can take a quick poll…… but we hadn’t asked our own child about her feelings on going away for a night or more with a group of complete strangers

So tonight I asked her about it…… at first she was excited to go camping … sigh…. the concept of being called camp but not involving camping isn’t really working…. then she asked if it was like a hotel…..Thinking smileshe as always was excited by the prospect of meeting new friends and playing with kids…. but I’m not really sure she actually gets it, how do you explain to a child who seems to have no concept of what camp is … exactly what camp is?


3 thoughts on “Camp

  1. Pictures! Look it up then she can see what it looks like. I’ve done that for Chaos a couple of times, Mayhem is off to camp for the first time this year, so he’s been hitting his brother up for information.

    1. thanks missmaudy I found a promotional video that got the excitement flowing….. explaining that we wouldn’t be there nor would grandma and grandad kinda ended in tears and exclamation of but I’ll miss you and who will give me kisses and cuddles and read me a story at night…… we got there in the end, it’s only for 2 nights she can handle that to play with new friends 😊

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