By beebeejaybee

on names and online identity 

So a few weeks ago The lovely Rachel at the barefoot crafter posted a periscope of her art journal, this had me mildly interested in this new platform.

so I did some browsing watched a few feeds and realised something that I never really thought about much before 

people struggle with my username…. and I like hearing it about as much as I like saying my actual name 

for some reason people feel the need to greet followers as they appear so I got a few 

hai um?! beeeebeeeejeaybeeee? (insert puzzled look here)

to be honest I have never really thought much about it, it’s not designed to be spoken and well to get to the simplicity of it it emerged when my very first username BBJB was unavailable on yahoo mail without a number attached

then some services got picky and wanted names with more than four letters and so I fun extension of my family nickname (BJ) made up by a cousin became further extended and stuck around 

a little later, I was thinking about how much having beebeejaybee sounded out bothered me and started thinking about what I could Change to. Even to the point of discussing with Mrs Barefoot who earlier this year made the leap the process of changing ones online name 

then there were the discussions on what and why….. nothing really fits and meets the requirements of simple to type not too long, and for those who insist on acknowledging my presence on periscope or similar platforms  easy to say and makes sense (because that seems to be important) or those 4 letters have been so much a part of who I am for so long (15+ years 😳) that change will not come easily…. so I guess I’ll stick around as Beebeejaybee for a while longer, or maybe forever 


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