By beebeejaybee


Today is a new day, I’ve decided to embrace my learning about habits, and start forming some in a way that can work for me

I believe I have mentioned the issues I have had around forming any kind of habit or routine around having such varied work hours. I believe I have finally figured out a way of making it work

I downloaded a neat little App to help me on my quest, it lets me set up habits I want to form, and roughly what time of day or for any time of day. for example, I want to start limiting caffeine after midday in order to hopefully achieve better sleep so I created the habit limit caffeine, every day, in the afternoon and evening…. it kind of works for nightshifts because I consider after 2am to be a new day but still try to limit myself to what’s absolutely required, mostly to get me home

I’m also attempting to get back to #yogaeverydamnday, I’ve participated in a few monthly challenges on instagram, some only for a couple of days before life happened, others for a few weeks. When i did it for a few weeks, everything (except that dodgey shoulder) felt better for it, and I don’t do meditation, so it’s sort of my equivalent, meditation through movement if you will so, I set an anytime of day habit for that, every day- if all I’ve achieved is one round of sun salutation (about 5 mins) I’ve done something … if I participate in the challenges as well, well thats usually designed to be 1 pose after/during your usual practice so bonus

third is Gym I have managed to go twice a week roughly through the cold season, purely because I have sessions with the trainer, so I’ve set up a hit the gym Habit, even if  I have a session that day, an extra 30 mins on the treadmill before or after is a bonus

and lastly. blogging, I frequently have thing I feel the need to write, but rarely actually make the time to sit down and write about it, my dodgy eyes have not helped this by new glasses mean no more eye strain and so less excuses, I plan to write 3 times a week, though if I have a whole heap of posts floating around in my head i might start scheduling them or drafting for “those days” when my brain is not quite functioning


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