By beebeejaybee

sometimes the optometrist is right 

over the last year or so I’ve been getting slight headaches and tired eyes, especially towards the end of shifts where there has been, a lot of fault finding and paperwork, I’ve always put this down to being tired, you know end of a big day struggling to get it all done 

and then I finally got around to getting a new prescription….. the optometrist suggested I might need reading glasses …. pfffft I think I’m doing fine without them 

insert 3 shifts in a week in the classroom and hey have an iPad to do your work with……. and back to specsavers it was to find the cheapest possible reading glasses 

$39 and 3 days later…… the difference is amazing I never realised how much I was struggling with the simple pleasures of reading and how much that struggle was causing me to stress


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