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dress for success 

our morning meeting often has a little quote involved 

last week it was “dress for the job you want not for the job you have ”

it obviously doesn’t mean wear office attire into the workshop, but, if you want to be a leader behave like one 

I’ve found an interesting parallel with this in the way I dress and how it makes me feel about myself 

I’m a jeans and t-shirt girl, over the last few years I’ve taken to wearing threadless typography T’s (aka slogan t-shirts). I never really considered how this affected my behaviour and self confidence.

Over the last few months, possibly because I am catching the train with all of the office workers rather than the fluro army (seriously check out any major train station between 5 and 7am to understand this) I feel a lot under dressed.

So lately I’ve been swapping my denim Jeans for a long denim skirt I picked up from my local vinnies for 50c (op shop gold) and my favourite pair of Kmart comfort almost flats and a basic top also found at vinnies 

I have felt 100% more confident in just being me 

this theory was well proven today when being an at home alone day I wore a daggy old stained top with my most comfortable trackys and uggies…. even Jeff pointed out that I looked frumpy, mostly because having not achieved much, I was kinda down.

later as I brushed my teeth and hair for bed, I caught sight of how I’ve  felt all day, belly peaking over the waistband of my pants, top stained and slightly too short, add in that single grey hair I’ve been ignoring and well there may have almost been tears….. almost but not quite 

It is a real eye opener for me and a shove to add dressing well to my habit of going to bed with time to get enough sleep even if I don’t actually get that sleep 

it may just help my productivity levels 


2 thoughts on “dress for success 

  1. At my last job, the dress code was “business casual” whatever that means – so, normally a skirt or trousers and top, flattish shoes, cardy. When I was having a Bad Day, I would make the effort to frock up – high heels, fancy top etc, slick of makeup – and the difference it made to a) my outlook and b) the way other people treated me was astonishing. Although the blokes I worked with soon realised that if I was wearing heels, it was a good day to play nicely with others. (I’m pretty tall with no shoes. With 3″ heels, I was um. Intimidating.)

    1. that is awesome, we have a uniform so everyone is in boots and orange (don’t get me started on the boots) so generally what one turns up in doesn’t really matter….. but I am learning that at least amongst the boys it’s noticed if one of them has had enough with the job and starts turning up looking like a hobo

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