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Monkey Bars

Lately my Training at the gym has shifted from lower body to upper body, namely what we like to call “monkey bar work”

simply I have never ever ever been able to use monkey bars unassisted.

every event I’ve been in I’ve managed 1 or 2 and fallen or in the case of tough bloke there was a way to support myself from the bottom on tiptoe along the puddle frame

so far we’ve been working on a whole range of back and shoulder exercises, by the end of the session it’s to exhaustion rather than for reps

last week we started with grip and hanging, pretty much holding myself on the pull-up bars and alternately moving my hands back and then forward. I managed maybe 3 and up to 6 before the pull on my shoulder coupled with the tiredness of my hands kinda freaked me out.

this week I got up to 10. the difference? confidence, I was so focused on how my shoulder was feeling and wether that pulling feeling was okay that I was scared that I would re injure it, after a year of proper treatment I am finally able to almost forget the previous 3 years of (not horrible but persistent) pain….. almost, until I see a chance for it to start all over again

having had the hanging practice and done the exercise the week before without trouble or unusual pain afterwards I found the confidence to be able to focus on the movement and the action until the rubber grip on the bar was burning my hands too much

it’s a big thing for me, and now I’m keen to find a playground or a park and see how I go on the real thing


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