By beebeejaybee

Forming habits and stuff 

with virtually no routine  in my life I find habits hard to form. I f you’ve been dropping by for a few years you might remember that brief period of time that I managed to follow the flylady system and shine my sink and wear my shoes, coincidentally I was swapping shifts away for afternoon shift meaning I had a fairly regular bed time and waking time….. and just generally time, I believe it was just before miss came along and threw our lives back into chaos (ok so it’s not her it’s me but stuff changed, you get the idea) 

Lately after discovering Gretchen Rubin on a LinkedIn post I have been reading her book *better than *before*

The chapters that set the scene and explain the different types of people we are, are littered with talking about the importance of sleep…… I actually found the book through a post that talks about how silly it is to sit in front of the TV watching rubbish when we are too tired for anything else, rather than going to bed 

and I realised how much I do this. Jeff is in the camp of once you go to bed that’s the day gone forever (yes it sounds that depressing when he says it). so in lieu of snuggling in bed I’ll stay up and snuggle on the lounge in front of rubbish TV 

Last week I decided if I were going to try and make habits towards making our home or just me happier, that falling asleep in front of the TV had to stop….for me at least 

So with a 6am start meaning a 330am alarm looming and feeling sleepy I helped Tuck miss in and took myself off to bed at 730

Jeff kinda took this the wrong way, usually I can’t sleep alone so he came to bed too, then complained the next day about waking up too early and being AWAKE (the sky’s awake! so I’m awake!) 

the next night I did the same thing, and of course not waking and going to work on 4 hours sleep made me feel much more in control of myself and what I was doing or saying (ie:less moody)

the following two nights were somewhat of a disaster in the sleep department, Being the weekend we work 12 hour days which means up at 330, home between 730 and 8 depending on traffic…… and somewhere in there I need to eat and maybe socialise with the family 

But the little glimpse of what decent sleep can be, though I am not a morning person at all and would definitely rather go to bed at 11/12 and get up between 8 and 10 (wouldn’t we all) I am looking forward to working on what I can when I can and seeing my constant tired feel maybe a little less so 


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