By beebeejaybee · Knitting/Crochet

Baby it’s cold outside 

as in, currently 4°C feels like -1°c cold

a couple of weeks ago Bendigo woollen mills sent out their latest sample card

“Milky Way” 

apparently they have made fibre from milk and blended it with wool to create an impressively soft yarn… that happens to suit this pattern 

I seem to have misplaced my beanie… and besides this one is cuter, and a girl can never have to many scarves 

so straight up I bought the pattern and waited impatiently for the two days to pay day to arrive when I purchased 4 balls in two different colours ready to make miss and I a set each 

why yes that pullover I started last year is just waiting on sleeves, collar and assembly but hey, my head is cold and I need a third …. or is it fourth scarf? to keep the chill out. I can’t afford to get sick right now 

I’m up to the last few rounds of lace pattern on the first hat it’s currently not looking anything like the picture but I’m sure it’ll look right later

(watch this space for future attack of the man flu expecting to wake up on Friday and be unable to move…. I’m fine with that as long as I’m good for the following Tuesday)


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