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Onward and upward

Part of reform sees many new positions created and opportunities available, once those are filled many old positions are vacated waiting to be filled.

A few months ago I applied for a relief position, which as a result of the people shuffle that is reform became available. less than 6 months after first being filled.

After the strangest most relaxed interview ever (lets jus say fretting about my “interview slacks” being a little tight was a waste of energy) it was basically implied that I had the job and the question asking was a formality (Read I was the only person that applied and they need the spot filled yesterday) unfortunately due to the complexities of the Government employment system, the position is still currently filled with the person I’ll be replacing…. as is the position that the relief is for…. by the same person, so officially nothing can happen until they move on.Confused smile


I finally got the Email that tells me that training dates are available…. here, here, here and, here all the way to December …Surprised smile a quick shuffle of shifts and i squeezed into the earliest options, one of which was already filled so had to take the second option for that.

this week it begins, my roster is messed up for a day or two, there’s overtime all over the place (hello new stove shining on the horizon) and I’m being told I’ll be sitting in on and learning the job by the end of next month eepDisappointed smile let nerves set in around now as I find myself well out of my comfort zone, while I’m sure eventually I’ll get comfortable again, and it is only relief so hopefully will be able to move between the roles easily enough ….. if I don’t get dumped in the Deep the full time position isn’t filled yet so you’re doing it all until we find someone end….. though it is dayshift, so a chance to get some sort of routine while I’m filling in

I am looking forward to a later start in the  city for a few days for training


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