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on Planners, Planning and what works for me 

So I was given my lilac and gold Kikki-k planner for my birthday last November.

I waited eagerly for that first date to arrive so that I could start organising my life 

the day came and went as I started recording my shifts and appointments in it, blogged about it and my interest in seeing where it goes 

so today I am looking at how the use of my planner is changing 


so way back then I got right into all of the stickers and deco tape and coloured pens here and there 

eventually this became lots of black ink and a handful of stickers that appear almost half hearted 

at some stage I did consider stamps as a good option but as I tend to travel light anything that doesn’t fit inside my planner generally isn’t going to be used, I pull out the Washi or Deco tape to indicate school holidays but all of the stickers fit into one of the pockets 

How great are those Zombies 
I have found it hard to find some of the stickers I want, Chiropractor sticker anyone? and almost anything relating to shift work is non existent which was the big drive away from stamps. around once a month I’ll sit down and sync my planner with the household calendar and my roster

so after all that, I’ve come down to the realisation that while the internet is going wild over the latest Erin Condren planner coming out I’m working best on keeping it simple and mostly utilitarian recording appointments and rosters and not much else, I’ve removed all but the diary, addresses and notes sections though I’m thinking to remove the addresses and notes as the planner comes with a note pad and I keep addresses in my phone 
anyway while there is plenty of advice out there about how best to set up your planner, mine would be that a planner full of pretty things won’t make your life easier or more organised if you don’t write the important stuff in it and regularly review what is written there


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