By beebeejaybee


“You get like that” he tells me 

“you don’t know what you’re doing where you’re going and you’re all sooky”

yeah I do when I’m tired or don’t want to do something that needs to be done (like go to work at night) but mostly around certain times and in combinations, 

in hours I can go from solidly focused to lost staring at my open computer screen with no idea what I want to do with it

I’ll open live writer a few times between opening Firefox, thunderbird and The Sims I might start to write something but it just doesn’t flow, so I clear the screen and walk away pick up the quilt I’m working on and push it aside pick up my crochet or stitching before giving up and curling into the corner of the lounge and flicking channels 

he takes it as it is, usually with the right push to do something, pinpointing what my problem is and holding I’m back to okay again or I’m in tears about how nothing works and life is so unfair in the style of a 13 year old girl (despite knowing my little issues are nothing in comparison to what many have to deal with)

and life goes on until next time I “get like that” 


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